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Strategy Overview

The Abbot Core Dividend Equity Strategy is a diversified large-cap equity strategy, investing in individual equities of high-quality companies, primarily targeting those with a history of paying and growing their dividends.  The strategy typically invests in a diversified set of holdings, spanning most sectors of the economy and the equity markets.  The portfolio management team looks to select industry leaders – companies with a strong history of growth, profitability, and competitive advantage, coupled with attractive valuations and strong balance sheets.  The strategy has the flexibility to vary the risk level and equity exposure of the portfolio through variable cash levels, position sizes, and holding exchange traded funds (ETFs), or other funds to target or offset specific equity exposure.

Investment Approach

  • Invest in high quality, large market capitalization companies that exhibit leadership in their sectors and industries, and strong potential shareholder returns – targeting candidates with the following characteristics:

    • Industry Leadership & Strong Competitive Positioning

    • Quality Management Team

    • Strong Balance Sheet

    • Growth in Revenues, Earnings & Dividends

    • Attractive Financial & Valuation Metrics – P/E ratio, Cash Flow, Return on Assets/Equity, Book Value

  • Seek to find long-term, outperforming investments with multi-year growth opportunities, while also looking to identify shorter-term tactical investment opportunities driven by dislocations in price, elevated market volatility, or specific expected catalysts

  • Utilize fundamental, bottom-up equity analysis, coupled with bigger-picture investment themes to identify investment candidates

  • Target strong fundamental candidates trading at attractive valuation metrics and/or dividend yield levels

  • May invest in ETFs to obtain targeted, specific investment exposure, or macro-related exposure based on the views of the portfolio management team

  • Actively traded investment strategy, including a range of short-term and longer-term holdings – while targeting a low portfolio turnover level and multi-year holding periods

  • Diversified strategy, typically holding 25 to 40 portfolio positions, resulting in a portfolio that maintains positions across most sectors of the economy

  • May invest in foreign companies, including both emerging market and developed market equities

Risk Management

  • Flexible cash levels, based on views of the portfolio management team

  • Limit individual equity position sizes

  • Maintain a diversified sector allocation


Portfolio Management

The Abbot Core Dividend Equity Strategy is managed by the Abbot Portfolio Management Team, using a team approach to manage, monitor and make shifts in the strategy’s holdings and investment allocation.  Abbot Financial has been managing private client equity portfolios for more than 35 years.

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