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Strategy Overview

The Abbot Global Equity Fund Strategy is a fund-based investment strategy employing a “Core & Satellite” approach – utilizing a combination of “core” broader-market or index fund holdings, complimented by targeted “satellite” exposure to selected sectors, industries, country-specific funds, and/or alternative asset class funds.  The strategy is implemented based on a top-down, global macroeconomic investment approach – and takes a tactical approach to investing for the business and economic cycle, based on the portfolio management team’s view of the macroeconomic outlook, fiscal and monetary policy, investor sentiment and valuation.  The strategy typically maintains exposure across the market capitalization spectrum – including across large-, mid-, and small-cap equity funds.  The strategy may invest in exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds and closed-end funds, and may include foreign developed and emerging markets holdings to achieve the portfolio management team’s desired investment allocation. 

Investment Approach

  • Utilize a top-down approach and global macroeconomics to define and tactically adjust the strategy’s targeted investment allocation, based on the portfolio management team’s view of global markets

  • Maintain core equity market exposure through the use of low-cost, broader-market or index ETFs – including funds focused on large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap areas of the equity market

  • Supplement the “core” broad-market equity allocation with targeted “satellite” investments to capitalize on the portfolio management team’s view of global markets

  • Invest in ETFs and mutual funds to attain desired exposure to specific sectors, industries, styles, countries, regions, and/or non-equity asset classes

  • Investment holding periods may include both short-term and long-term, based on the portfolio management team’s dynamic view of global markets

  • Typically maintain a meaningful allocation to foreign equity markets, including both emerging and developed markets


Risk Management

  • Flexible cash levels, based on views of the portfolio management team

  • Diversification across sectors, market capitalization, and global markets


Portfolio Management

The Abbot Global Equity Fund Strategy is managed by the Abbot Portfolio Management Team, using a team approach to manage and make shifts in the strategy’s investment allocation.  Abbot Financial has been managing private client investment accounts for more than 35 years.

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